Hello, folks! I hope you had nice time during weekend and now ready for one more business week. Today I was going to start from a Wiredmoney review, that’s one more new short term hyip program which might be quite profitable as it’s just picking up trend. The faster you go in the faster you go out with the money so I decided to give Wiredmoney a priority. But for unknown reasons today their website is not available at least for me. Therefore I will move on to other programs on my list and today it’s going to be MoneyCare , already well known and popular hyip program.

You might have already seen their rotating and non rotating banners at Talkgold or in signatures of active posters. Promo campaign is running at a decent level, still I cannot compare it to GeniusFunds of course but who can afterall, huh

I would like to say that MoneyCare claims to be registered in Belize which can be proved by a number of documents available on the “Contact” page. I would not dare to say if they need additional licenses from Belize authorities to conduct trading activity, all I can say is that their .bz domain and documents add much to their credibility.

The design is nice and not overloaded with flashy images, urls, banners and sticky promo information which I personally appreciate in hyips. But on the contrary FAQ list could be a bit longer with more questions and explanations, old hyipers can rather skip that page however. Probably one of the most important things about MoneyCare is that you won’t have your personal members account. Alternatively they offer deposit tracking system to have your deposit status information and stats easily emailed to  your mailbox. As many of you can find this feature inconvenient I would like to add that not only can that protect your personal info from being compromised but it also protects members from phishing attacks and lessen the risk of being hacked, which is a plus in the end.

As we have closely come to deposit tracking lets take a look at investment plans MoneyCare has to offer to its members. Yes, the first thing you might pay your attention to is usd/eur deposits so if you keep some euro balance on your ecurrency account you won’t need conversion.  MoneyCare accepts Libertyreserve, Perfectmoney and Strictpay, those 3 DC’s which are a must for any hyip in my opinion. I would like to see Alertpay as an option but it’s been very strict and unfriendly towards hyips lately so Alertpay absence is fully understandable to me.  Investment plans are very different, from daily to monthly plans with different start up limits like $20, $201 or $2001 grouped into packages of 2.5% daily, 15% weekly and 80% montly for example. The higher the deposit the higher the interest rate, that’s what I think is simple. Another important thing is that the principal is returned after the the investment cycle. And the last one is that interest is paid only on business days from Monday to Friday so don’t get scared if you find missed payouts at weekend.

Just to conclude this review I would like to underline the rewarding referral program which transcribeme style guide will pay you 10% referral bonus. Quite nice, isn’t it?

That was a short overview of MoneyCare program as for today. I hope each of you will be able to make his own conclusions and decide on appropriate decision. BTW you can always contact me if you want. Tomorrow I will go on with another review and more information for education and fun. Stay tuned and good luck to all of you