Whitefund review

Hi, everyone! I am glad to welcome those who are still sticked to MMS blog despite the lack of updates over the time. I am working hard to improve the whole stuff to better. What I want to share with you today is a review of a new program in my portfolio which was added about 10 days ago and some of the most important updates which I think are necessary to be mentioned in this article. So let’s get it started.

The program I am going to present to you today might be already well known to most of the MMS readers. It’s Whitefund and it’s been running for about 35 days to date with nice payout records. The program has remarkable advertising campaign on monitors and forums so I can conclude the program is not on a tight budget and it can be sustainable in the long run.
Whitefund is claimed to be registered in Panama. It is hosted on a dedicated server provided and DDoS protected by Blacklotus, a good thing is that all sensitive data transmissions such as account registration and account management are SSL protected. I am not sure about the script this program is running but at first glance a member area reminded me of Tomacero script that is not widely used among hyips at this time. Anyways I will try to find out more on this in the upcoming interview with the admin of Whitefund Paul Malek.
I am moving on to the investment plans this program offers. The range is of a classic style with 3 plans and interest rates depending on the amount you deposit.

Short term portfolio
1.5% Daily Profit, paid on trading days
$20 Minimum Investment, $2,000 Maximum
30 trading days investment period

Medium term portfolio
1.9% Daily Profit, paid on trading days
$100 Minimum Investment, $10,000 Maximum
60 trading days investment period

Long term portfolio
2.2% Daily Profit, paid on trading days
$1,000 Minimum Investment, $50,000 Maximum
180 trading days Investment period

In all plans you will have your initial deposit paid back to you on maturity. In other words for the most popular short term plan it means you will earn 145% total profit after 30 business days. As for the majority short term plan would be the safest option I think at this stage it would be safe as well to try their 60 day plan. Just for those who prefer to play big. For affiliates Whitefund offers a 5% affiliate bonus like most hyips do.

Another point I’d like to underline is admin’s strong customer relationship as I’ve seen him often active on Talkgold and he is usually quick when answering emails. BTW there is a live chat on site just in case.

At the end of this review I’d like to add that Whitefund has recently announced special promotion for April. 10% additional bonus for short term plan and 11% for mid term so if you put $50 your active investment will increase to $55 and so forth.
Now I am switching to other updates and recent news from the hyips on my portfolio.

Dragadox is sending out emails which ask members to submit their personal documents in order to be able to withdraw. I am warning everyone that this is an old trick used to delude people into thinking that verifying their account will help out. No one has been paid for the last 10 days as far as I know so beware.

As usual there was some regular news from Nextgenmarket which is doing just great. Sincerely speaking I didn’t expect this surf would go so successful and popular now but I’m glad I was wrong in my assumptions.

Is a great day here at NextGen Market. We spent the entire day and did an internal audit of all NextGen Market resources. The Numbers are great and we decided to launch some new features sooner than expected. We have pretty huge goals here at NextGen LTD, and we extend our network providing everyone a good place to make money online. More details about this soon.
If you are one of 200 members who joined NextGen Market in the last week, I would like to welcome you aboard.
The Autovoter system it’s used almost daily by NextGen Market members and this is excellent for our program, as it’s ascending pretty well Monitoring Rankings.
For members convenience I created a page where they can see some of latest processed cashouts :


In closing I’d like to wish everyone a happy weekend and a prosperous new week.
NextGen LTD

The admin of Plents also sent a very short newsletter about trading history and company documents. Here it goes.

2010 March 20 – 2010 March 27 Plents Inc Forex trading history has been published
you can download our forex account history pdf file from your member area and company documents page .
Sincerely yours,
Plents Inc Support Team

Some great news came last week from one of the most promising long term programs of this year Forexnetclub. Now any member can use their bank wire option to make deposit and I can dare to say that’s exactly what most of the investors have been patiently waiting for because Forexnetclub is growing big indeed.

Springtime is here and FNC entered this flourishing time of year with good news for you.

Part of our first springtime reforming of ForexNetClub Ltd. is adding of a bank wire deposits. There are some big investors who don’t like e-currencies or maybe they like the old style of depositing – a bank transfer. There will be no fees, excepting the bank ones! The fees for bank wires will be deducted from us, you will have to pay just the fees for your bank. Also, as this is a payment option for big investors, the minimum deposit amount is set at $1,000. We hope you will enjoy this new option that we’ve enabled for you, our strongest and long-lasting partners!

Furthermore, there is a payment system who lured us due to its high security system which involves SMS login, IP masks and lots of other things. Also, Perfect Money has its own deposit options, without any other intermediaries. We thought that this is good for our user’s economies. You will not be charged by them if you wish to deposit not a single cent. Also, the 0.5% transaction fee is more than remunerating for all of us. There are many users who requested that we enable this payment option, so, we did what our clients wanted us to do! This is the strongest policy a company could have in order to gain respect, trust and belief from the normal investors. We wish you all rejuvenating energies and let the money bring you satisfaction and security of tomorrow!
Only with ForexNetClub Ltd.
Do not hesitate to contact us with any question you might have.
ForexNetClub Ltd. Financial Department

I want to warn everybody that it appears to be a problem with Financenova since some members claimed they have more than 1 pending withdrawal at this time. Besides when completing my last withdrawal request today I haven’t received notification email sent to me as usual, so unless the admin sends any update on the situation I will mark it as problematic.

Overall it’s going fine with all the rest programs from my portfolio. I missed much time when I was at hospital but day by day I am trying to get back to daily posts, articles and updates here on MMS blog. Stay tuned and stay well, guys. I will see you again soon.